Sunday, January 17, 2016

Marquette Branch Prison: Rev. Pinkney Receives Misconduct Ticket for Having Book on Bed

Rev. Pinkney received a misconduct ticket for having a book on the bunk. Who would believe that a person could receive a misconduct for having a simple little book on the bed. At Concentration Camp Marquette, or better known as Marquette Branch Prison there have been many years of torture, retaliation, beatings, and terrorist attacks on prisoners. The public can also not say that Heidi Washington and Warden Robert Napel was not qualified for the violence and depredations that have emerged at Marquette Branch Prison or Abu Ghraib. Who is better to run this prison outpost of barbarity than one who ran internal gulags, both for the state and for the dollar?
On Saturday December 19th 2015, I received a misconduct ticket for having my book on the bed. This is just another form of retaliation from the correctional officer Luokkala, who is a sight for sore eyes to look at. The officers are untrained, unskilled, unprofessional, uneducated, and out of control. There are more crimes committed by Correctional Officers inside the prison than by the prisoners. The problem is that the correctional officers believe they are above the law, that is how they continue to operate without fear of punishment. You have in most cases criminals watching out for criminals. Prison life is a living hell, I would not wish this on a dog. The food, the conditions, threats, harassment, and intimidations every single day. The guards or correctional officers sit on their butts and play on the Internet all day. The correctional officers bring in chewing tobacco (which is against the law), cell phones, and other drugs. There is an attack on me. I will not get any help from the Warden or Director Washington to help me fight off the correctional officers. I have been fortunate to win four of the seven misconduct tickets that have been written against me. I want people to call the state police and ask them to come and see me. I want to file criminal charges against correctional officer Schretter. I also plan to file a civil lawsuit against both correctional officers Schretter and Luokkala.
An employee shall remain alert. While on duty, any item that detracts from alertness of an employee is not allowed. Using the Internet every single day is inattention to their duty. The correctional officers are stealing tax payer's dollars by using the Internet instead of working as they are required. The public must watch the Michigan Department of Corrections and the tax payer's dollars.