Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Terminate Warden Robert Napel

Marquette Branch Prison Warden Robert Napel does not conduct hearings pursuant to applicable statutes, policies, and rules of the Department of Corrections. His departure from the statutes, policies, and rules results in material prejudice to prisoners. He believes he is above all Michigan Department of Corrections rules and policy. He believes he is calling the shots.

MDOC's grievance procedure is a fraud, along with the hearings on misconduct. Let the truth be told, MDOC is an absolute disgrace. The cowardly attack on me by Warden Robert Napel is illegal and, therefore, criminal. I have witnessed the brutality inflicted by prison guards. This is cruel and unusual punishment. Marquette Prison is a jungle. It is a living hell with no control and torturous conditions. The filthy walls, heating system, and bathrooms make it among the nastiest places in the entire Michigan Department of Corrections. This is the worst operating prison I have ever seen.

All the guards I have come in contact with (though not all guards here) are unskilled, untrained, and unprofessional. They harass, intimidate, and threaten most Black prisoners. This brutal attack against Blacks in Marquette Prison is not new. The problem is that most prisoners are so afraid because the administration and correctional officers work hand in hand together. As long as an officer works with the administration, they do not need to act professionally.The only way you can tell if an administrator or a corrections officer is lying is this: if their lips are moving, they are lying! The prisoners call this "spending a person." It is just plain lying.

The correctional officers are like rogue officers who ignore the law and policies. Warden Robert Napel and most (not all) of his correctional officers have unrevealed, deeply rooted prejudices not based on a desire to achieve a just, fair or moral outcome.

This statement I am about to make tells you the truth about this country and the state of Michigan, along with the Department of Corrections. Black men are not more prone to go to prison than whites, and mass incarceration is not the result of some kind of cultural poverty. The fact is Black people are targeted to go to prison more often. Black people are targeted in prison. The correctional officers write more misconduct tickets for Black prisoners. We had a correctional officer write 39 tickets in one hour on prisoners. Another wrote 13 tickets on an 18-year-old boy. Another wrote 7 tickets. The people must take a stand and close down Marquette Branch Prison. Terminate Warden Robert Napel!