Monday, December 07, 2015

Prison Corruption

Prisons routinely commit the most heinous acts of premeditated sabotage. Prisons don't slow down their will for profit. To the untrained eye, everything appears to be functioning normally inside the prison system. Marquette Branch Prison has over 400 prisoners in Level 5 (maximum security). Over 70% will never go home. It has over 500 prisoners in Level 1 who will be going home one day. Yet Marquette Prison operates like a Level 5 prison throughout. This is a very dangerous situation.

My leadership in combating the virulent racism of the prison guards and officials made me a prime target for retribution. I have found myself confined in Marquette Branch Prison, watched 24 hours a day, because of my unyielding resistance against the prison system and its violent racist design.

My life right now is a living hell, but it comes with the territory. Many have witnessed the brutality inflicted on me by the prison guards, as they made every effort to break me. I have endured more than 30 days of sensory deprivation. My family has been unable to touch me. This is cruel and unusual punishment. I am not the monster the corporate media is trying to portray me as. The criminal justice system and the Michigan Department of Corrections are the real monsters.

MDOC must decide very soon to close Marquette Branch Prison down. The prison costs too much to continue to operate. For many years, Marquette Prison has taken advantage of the taxpayers by keeping fear in their minds. Marquette Prison is what they call a "hospital." You check in alive and check out dead. Things will never change until the public takes a stand against corruption. We must demand Warden Robert Napel be fired!