Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Marquette Prison, the Death House

It was another day at Marquette Prison, a kind of concentration camp where prisoners from across the state are assembled to be tortured.

Warden Robert Napel has installed 26 cameras, an apparatus for monitoring prisoners, and an additional 10-15 inside the bathrooms and other areas. The warden is spending taxpayer's money to help his friends instead of making the conditions inside the prison better and tolerable for the prisoners.

The warden should improve the meals, housing, clothing, and training of the correctional officers. He has ruled with an iron fist. He said that as long as he is warden, the prisoners will never have a microwave oven. Prisoners in other MDOC facilities have microwaves and the correctional officers have several. The prisoners themselves would pay the cost of the microwaves, but the warden refuses to allow it. This forces prisoners to rely on prison food not fit for human consumption.

The warden's only concern is to destroy the prisoners at all costs and keep them intimidated. The conditions are unbearable and the tension is so great that every single day there are several fights. This is a level 1 facility, but it operates like a level 5. The surveillance is like a concentration camp. They monitor the telephone, your visitors, and the visit.They monitor when you go to the shower room. This concentration camp is backwards and very much devastating to the prisoners.

The violence is out of control. A fight broke out two beds from me in the black mold room where I am once again sleeping. One prisoner attacked another, it was a big mess. The correctional officer pepper-sprayed the whole room and I got sick from the spray. This was after the attack. The officers are not trained to protect you. They cannot even protect themselves.

The hatred of some of the correctional officers against the Black prisoners is unbelievable. Surveillance cameras will not stop the violence, but improving the housing, food, and clothing conditions will. What are you going to do, Warden Robert Napel?