Friday, November 13, 2015

Pinkney's life is in danger

The possibility of me losing my life at Marquette Branch Prison is real.  A genuine servant of Jesus implies real commitment, pledging one's whole existence to service of the people.  If we try to save our physical life from death, pain, suffering, discomfort, or even prison, we may risk losing our future, true eternal life.

If we try to save or protect ourselves from death, pain, suffering, discomfort, or even prison without Jesus in our lives, we begin to die spiritually and emotionally.  Our lives turn inward, and we lose our intended purpose.  When we give our lives in service to Christ, to the community, we discover the real purpose of living.  We the people must come together and fight the corrupt Mich. Dept. of Correction (maybe it should be Corruption.)

Michigan could save nearly $17 million a year by paroling just half of the aging low-risk lifers who have been eligible for release for decades.

The only legal barrier to continued incarceration is the Maximum Sentence which lifers at Marquette do not have.  Prisoners can no longer appeal parole denials to the courts, but prosecutors and victims can appeal decisions to grant release.  Without judicial review, guidelines that are meant to inform parole board decisions are unenforceable.  The parole board decisions that are supposed to be based on the prisoner’s re-offense risk are justified by subjective assessments of the person’s insight, remorse, and empathy.

Marquette Prison is the oldest prison with over 70% of prisoners never going home.

The warden Robt. Napel rules with an iron fist.  It is like Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler is in control.   Napel bullies prisoners.  He has a history of sending his guerrilla army to carry on irregular warfare against the prisoners.  He engages in harassment of prisoners.

We must continue to call and plan a major protest in front of the MDOC as soon as possible.

My phone was cut off without a hearing;  due process was violated.  The warden is trying to intimidate me;  I will not let him.  I need people to call state senator Bert Johnson ASAP — and also house rep. Fred Durhal Jr.   Keep calling and tell them there was a Due Process rights violation.