Saturday, November 07, 2015

Nelson Peery, My Hero

Note: Although we do not know of anyone receiving a letter from Rev. Pinkney since his phone privileges were cut two weeks ago, we had previously received letters from him and will post those messages over the next few days. The posts concerning keeping the pressure on MDOC and fundraising remain top priority at the top of this blog!

From Rev. Pinkney

To my brother and leader Nelson Peery:

It saddens me, because I cannot be there to give you a real live Rev. Pinkney send-off, but in my heart you will always be with me.

What I learned from you, and I learned a lot, most of all, I learned we are seriously underestimating the American people.  We are underestimating their readiness for a new kind of politics.  We must stand together, Black, White, Brown.

You told me in 2005 that what is needed today is a core of eduators who are capable of helping the people understand what they actually already know.  More than that, we need speakers who are capable of explaining the situation and the inevitable resolution in such a way as to excite people for their historic revolutionary tasks.  You said, "Rev. Pinkney you are that person who can excite people and educate them to a level beyond belief."  You said the future is up to us.

You said:  As we better understand our history, we can better figure out our future and our strategy to get there.  For this revolution to go forward, each of us needs to ask the questions and seek the answers  The dialectitian understands the world is knowable, and studies relentlessly to learn and contribute.  The future is up to us.

You said:  Some people say heaven sounds a little dull.  But if things were dull in heaven, so many people wouldn’t spend so much time and effort to get there.  We are going to do all the things that make us happy, raising our children, seeing them graduate from college, and making sure they are safe.  These are things that make us happy.

When we set about reconstructing the Earth, for example reclaiming the Earth, becoming part of the Earth again, that will be a real accomplishment.  The first task of communism is to rebuild the Earth to clean it up, understand its rhythm, and become part of that rhythm.  The first part of it is to stabilize the Earth, and consequently stabilize humanity.  Happiness will arise in that process.

You said:  What would you do with yourself if you no longer had to worry about your food, shelter, and clothing?  You said you knew what you would do.

You were more than just the founding member of the League of Revolutionaries for a New America. You were my friend, my mentor, my wise and faithful friend, adviser, teacher, my hero!  Sleep on my fellow comrade!  Sleep on!

Rev. Edward Pinkney

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