Saturday, May 16, 2015

This Prisoner Died Twice

A inmate in the Michigan Department of Corrections was having issues using the restroom.  After reporting this to the P.A. (physicans assistant)  the inmate was told that the medications he was taking were causing him constipation. When the doctor was told that it was taking any where from 7-9 days to have a bowel movement with excruciating abdoninal pain  The doctor insisted that it was constipation. 

After suffering with the pain several more weeks the inmate had to be rushed to a local hospital where a (CT) scan was performed. It was revealed that the inmate had a cyst the size of a golfball in his intestinal track. It was necessary for this inmate to be rushed to a major hospital to undergo treatment for a severe case of diverticulitor. 

The infection was so severe that the inmate had to be given a number of different antibiotics for almost two weeks before the surgery could be performed.  The gastro-enterlogist informed the inmate that there was a possibility that he may have to wear a colostomy bag for 6-8 weeks to allow proper healing of the intestine. 

This inmate still wears the colostomy almost five (5) years later because the health care in the M.D.O.C. and Lansing refuse to reverse the surgery. As of today this inmate is still trying to fight to get a reversal surgery to remove the colostomy but with limited resources.  

It's a losing battle and a constant struggle not receiving proper health care in the M.D.O.C.

Just last month the same inmate had blood in his stool with severe abdominal pain. When the health unit was contacted by the unit officer, the inmate was told to put in a health care kit and they would get to him and several hours later, he had to be rushed to the local hospital. The issues
behind this are still pending through the grievance prodecure.

Keith Swift #202475