Saturday, May 09, 2015

Sepic based his charge against Pinkney on deeply held prejudice


-Being charged, convicted, and given 30 months to 10 years in prison under a law that never existed.

-That prosecutors could create any law they wanted for criminal prosecutions without any legislator ever voting on them, any governor ever signing them into law, or any court ever ruling on their contitutionality.

It’s happening in Michigan and I am serving time.

How could this happen?  A prosecutor, Michael Sepic, created a “legal fiction.”  A body of people:  judges, prosecutors, the sheriff, etc. were used as a basis for defining the charges.  

The felony charges against me were a grave injustice. Sepic creating laws independently was never addressed by any branch of state government.  The “legal fiction” still exists.

Sepic alone can define the language, parameter, and punishments.  No state law exists to stop him, and precedent has been set and seemingly approved by acquiescence of state gov.  As bad as all this sounds, it gets worse when examined in context. There has never been a felony for a recall petition in Michigan.

In short, the arrests and all that followed were illegal.  

Sepic violated the rule of professional conduct.  He engaged in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, and misrepresentation.  Such conduct reflects adversely on his trustworthiness, honesty, and fitness as a lawyer.

Sepic ignored the law and evidence in charging me.  He based his charge on unrevealed, deeply held prejudice.

We must fight against corruption inside the Berrien County Court, a criminal enterprise led by Whirlpool Corp.  The corporation is sucking the blood from Benton Harbor and installing puppets like James Hightower as mayor.  There are more of us than them:  We must say Enough is Enough!

Rev. Edward Pinkney
Coldwater Prison