Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Prosecutor Sepic Protects His Friend, Robert Wooley

It was another sad day for Berrien County. 

Prosecutor Mike Sepic's friend, Robert Wooley, was charged with embezzling almost a million dollars from seniors.

A warrant was authorized by prosecutor Mike Sepic for the arrest of Wooley who
was allowed to turn himself in -- without a Swat Team surrounding his house.

He was released on $25,000 bond; a hearing was scheduled for Monday, December 15.  Mike is trying to protect his friend by only charging him w
with one count of embezzling which Robert Wooley accomplished over seven years. If Robert was a black man in this county, his bond would have been set at 1 million dollars. My bond was set at $30,000 dollars for a recall petition.

In the seven year period, Wooley was stealing from the poor and giving to himself. He transferred money into an investment account from the Senior Center accounts; he then regularly moved funds from the investment account into his own account. It should be more than 50 counts of embezzlement, but prosecutor
Mike Sepic and Robert Wooley are friends and friends in high places take care of friends in Berrien County, Michigan.  To the detriment of many others.

The fellow County Commissioners were in total shock. Who would believe someone would file criminal charges against a County Commissioner who is connected to the power structure? Who would have the nerve?

Prosecutor Mike Sepic and Robert Wooley are friends and both are members of the Berrien County (GOP).

Which Berrien County Commissioner will be next to get arrested? As corruption rolls on in this most corrupt of (probably) all Michigan counties. 

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