Monday, December 08, 2014

County republican embarrassed by party behavior

A brief report which will give outsiders a feel for what this county is like

A shocking report - except for the fact that it comes from 
Berrien County, MI

On Saturday, November 15, 2014 I attended the Berrien County Republican meeting, 3721 Lincoln Ave., St. Joseph, MI. It was attended by 40 to 50 county republicans. During the meeting the vice-chair Sharon Tyler announced the results of Rev. Pinkney’s trial. Ms. Tyler was practically jumping up and down. She said Rev. Pinkney had been found guilty, will be going to prison, and will be sentenced December 15.  [Unlike any other, the Berrien County "legal" system includes Whirlpool and "their friends." Who goes to prison is decided and known to all in this "special" group in advance of silly things like sentencing procedures. -ed.]

I am embarrassed to report that the room erupted in applause with a standing ovation. 40-50 republicans were clapping and cheering.

Later, during the time reserved for comments from elected officials, sheriff Paul Bailey once again announced the results of Rev. Pinkney’s trial.  The room erupted again.

I could not believe the cheering and applause for a second time, lasting over three minutes.  I felt like I was surrounded by a lynch mob.  

Judging from the reaction I witnessed at that meeting, I concluded that some members of the audience experienced what I can only describe as "sadistic pleasure” each time they contemplated Rev. Pinkney’s conviction and punishment.  

This mob mentality was something I’d never seen.

The clapping and cheering was humiliating and I hope this never, ever happens again.

Rick Briand