Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gail Freehling: A dishonest juror

Rev. Edward Pinkney filed a motion for a new trial based on the violation of his rights to impartial jury.  He became aware after the verdict that Gail Freehling did not truthfully respond to inquiries as whether she knew or was connected with one of the prosecution's main witnesses, Sharon Tyler.

Freehling was called to the petit jury box around 1:39pm October 23, 2014 when defense attorney Tat Parish specifically asked the jurors during the voir dire, while juror Freehling was in the petit box, whether they knew or had connection with either of the two particularly important witnesses James Hightower and Sharon Tyler. This was around
4:18-4:19pm in the video for October 23, 2014. Gail Freehling lied to get on the jury in order to help her friend Sharon Tyler.

Gail Freehling was also asked at other times, more than once, whether they knew or had connection with any of the persons on the witness list, including Sharon Tyler. Juror Gail Freehling said nothing in response to these inquiries and did not honestly respond that she is a friend of Sharon Tyler and has had contact with her through the Three Oaks Flag Day Parade from 2010 through 2014 and through the Miss Blossomtime Festival pageant. Juror Freehling in fact listed Sharon Tyler on Freehling Facebook web page as a friend. We have the page to prove it. 

Gail Freehling lied to get on the jury to convict Rev. Edward Pinkney.

Juror Gail Freehling also is chairperson of the Three Oaks Flag Day Parade and has held this position from January 2010 to present. We have the documentation to prove it. Sharon Tyler was a participant in the Three Oaks Flag Day Parade each summer between 2010 and 2014. We have documentation.

The parade in 2014 was held in June, a few months before Pinkney's trial. During the voir dire of the jurors, they were asked if they knew or had contact with police officers. Juror Freehling did not respond to these inquiries and did not honestly respond that she knows 
and has contact with a number of police officers.

Several police officers and police entities are at the forefront of the Three Oaks Flag Day Parade. The first thirteen are all police officers. Thirty-four is the Berrien County Sheriff Department Mounted Division. Also included are Berrien County judges, elected officials including Fred Upton, and many more. Also, Juror Gail Freehling is a Chairperson for the Miss Blossomtime Festival pageant and has been in this position from 1991 to present.

Sheriff Bailey and Undersheriff Chuck Heit are on the board of Directors for the Blossomtime Festival, with Heit being on the board from 2010
to the present.

Undersheriff Heit's daughter, Kyra Heit, won Miss Blossomtime in 2010. During the Blossomtime pageant, Sharon Tyler was invited to be in a photo with the blossom time court. Kyra is also one of Freehling's Facebook friends. Rev. Pinkney filed 11 recalls on Sharon Tyler the county clerk.

Juror Freehling was actually biased and impartial as a juror during Rev. Pinkney's trial based on her relationship with Sharon Tyler and her relationship with law enforcement officers and other officials.

Gail Freehling had one thing in mind: to convict Rev. Pinkney at all cost. Even to commit perjury and violate the law. 

We are also investigating several other jurors who may have been part of this corruption.  How can you convict a person with absolutely no evidence against him? Well, part of the answer is to hand pick biased jurors.