Monday, November 10, 2014

Racist Juror Serves at Pinkney's Trial

Another sad day for the Berrien County prosecutor Mike Sepic and judge Sterling Schrock who teamed up and fought  together to convict Rev. Pinkney with no evidence.

Several people from the Three Oak and New Buffalo communities, both 99% white, have contacted Rev. Pinkney about one of the jurors in his recent trial being racist.

Specifically, they indicated that Gail Freehling was one such juror.

The hatred in Gail Freehling's eyes and her expressions as she sat on the jury was plain to see, especially when Rev. Pinkney was testifying.

Was she a plant, placed on the jury for the purpose of thwarting justice? One must wonder.

Indeed, how could a person be convicted, as was Rev. Pinkney, with no evidence?

If ordinary people of any color are to realize true justice, Gail Freehling, and those like her, should not participate in a racially sensitive court case.  

Rev. Edward Pinkney