Friday, October 24, 2014

The Jury has been selected for Pinkney's trial and it's ALL white

The Berrien County trial beginning this Monday at 8:30am now has a jury and it's all white. Rev. Pinkney is from Benton Harbor, 96% African-American, but the jurors are from the surrounding white towns.

Here are some other glaring irregularities:

--Prosecutor Mike Sepic on 3 or 4 occasions asked the jury pool, "Could you convict someone without evidence?" Right after he asked this question each time he nodded his head - indicating that they should answer in the affirmative.

--Prosecutor Sepic also told the jury pool several times that evidence was not necessary in order to convict someone. Only in Berrien County...

--Judge Schrock did everything he could to help Prosecutor Sepic.