Friday, October 31, 2014

"Circumstantial evidence can be almost the same as direct evidence"

Berrien County Judge Sterling Shrock: "Circumstantial evidence can be almost the same as direct evidence." This statement was advice to the jury at the end of Pinkney's trial this morning. One of our readers suggested the statement should be sent to Saturday Night Live writers.

The jury then deliberated for the rest of the day and will continue on Monday.

County prosecutor Mike Sepic and Judge Sterling Shrock worked closely together throughout the trial. Their effort was focused on attempting to make the activism of Rev. Pinkney seem illegal.

They know there is no evidence against Pinkney.

Pinkney's attorney, Tat Parish, gave Sepic a run for his money, endeavoring to teach him about law.  

Your support is needed on Monday. Pinkney and the attorneys will be in court, ready to assist the jury if needed. Please consider attending. 8:30am or whenever you can.