Thursday, July 10, 2014

Charges invented to send me to jail

There is absolutely no evidence that a crime was even committed by me. The judge and prosecutor are hired guns for Whirlpool Corporation.  I'm now in the kangaroo court.*  The judge is so one-sided, he is about to tip over when he walks. He is trying as hard as possible to rush to trial, hoping the all-white jury will find me guilty - with no evidence of a crime being committed.

We are now appealing the case to the State Court of Appeals, seeking leave to appeal the denial of my motion to quash. The bind-over was improper and wrong. We must stop the corruption in Berrien County at all costs.

I am charged with five felony counts of forgery under MCL168.937, a provision of the election code, with six misdemeanor counts regarding allegations that I falsely certified that I did not permit or know of anyone having signed recall twice. The bind-over on the felony counts and denial of the motion to quash are the subject of this application for leave to appeal to the State Court of Appeal.

MCL 168.937 is a penalty provision for any forgery offense set forth under any other section of the election code. MCL 168.937 does not itself define which election related documents may be the subject to a forgery prosecution and  does not set forth the elements of forgery.

There is absolutely no evidence that I committed forgery; the handwriting "expert" cannot say that I did anything wrong; there is no confession, no witnesses. Sheriff Paul Bailey and the prosecutor made up the false charges to send me to jail. 

We must stop Berrien County judge Sterling Schrock and prosecutor Mike Sepic, two of the most corrupt individuals in the history of this country.

We the people must take a stand against corruption.  It is not about me, it is all about the future and you.   

Rev. Edward Pinkney

*an irregular or mock court, illegally passing
and executing judgment.
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