Saturday, July 05, 2014

Another (corrupt) Berrien County (corrupt) judge in action

Pinkney's second hearing in his latest recall election frame-up

Corrupt judge, Charlie LaSata, rejected Rev. Edward Pinkney's appeal without even a shred of evidence.  He denied Pinkney's motion to quash the June 5, 2014 bind-over.  

The testimony of Mark Goff

Goff is a forensic document examiner with the Michigan State Police. His testimony was limited to an opinion: the dates next to the signatures on some 
of the petitions had been changed. And, the changes were done with ink other

than the ink that was used to write original dates next to the signatures. 

However, Goff specifically testified that he could not determine who made the 
changes or when. His testimony essentially provided a basis to find probable
cause that someone changed the dates, but provided no evidence regarding 
who did it or when it was done.

There is no evidence that Pinkney was the only person who had access to - or opportunity to - change the petitions. The state's handwriting expert could not
say who altered the petitions. There are no admissions or confessions. There are no witnesses to any alterations.

In the first of the two court hearings this summer, prosecutor Sepic subpeonaed approximately 12 petition signers.  He wanted to find evidence that Pinkney altered the dates of their signatures.  Each one of them told Sepic that they had written the incorrect date, realized it, and simply crossed out the date and wrote the correct one on the petition.  Sepic still maintains that Pinkney changed the dates.  As part of the Berrien County machine, he's doing what's expected.

Prosecutor Mike Sepic has no evidence.      
Rev. Edward Pinkney