Sunday, June 08, 2014

Pinkney Framed Again

My case is one where there is no evidence whatsoever that prove the acts constituting a crime were in fact committed by me.

--There is no physical evidence that I was the person who changed any petitions. 

--There is no expert testimony that I was the one who changed any petitions. 

--There are no statements to the police or anyone else that I committed acts constituting a crime. 

--There are no confessions or witnesses to show that I  committed a crime, or if there was a crime. 

In short, the alleged crime consisted of the alteration of documents, and there is no evidence that I committed those acts or that I was the only person in a position to commit the acts.

Based on the evidence presented at the preliminary examination, it appears the prosecution will not be able to present sufficient evidence at trial unless they do what the Berrien County Court normally does:  fabricate evidence.

Judge Sterling Schrock and Prosecutor Mike Sepic have been working together.  They are a tag team. Corruption rolls on in Berrien County.                          
Rev. Edward Pinkney