Thursday, June 12, 2014

Crazy judges in Berrien County have made life hell for Benton Harbor residents

Ernest White, one of the worst defense attorney's in the country, was cited for alcohol again.  The Berrien County trial court has suspended this longtime St. Joseph, Mich. attorney who worked with prosecutors and judges to send more people to prison than anywhere in the nation, proportionately.

This courthouse is in the same town inhabited by US Rep. Fred Upton, LA Times pick for The Worst Congress Person for the environment.  We pick him for The Worst Congress Person for human life.

This citation comes after at least two alcohol incidents by atty. White in the last month. 

Berrien County prosecutor Mike Sepic reported in an email that White was arrested for driving while intoxicated May 9. 

White pleaded guilty to impaired driving on June 3 and will be sentenced June 18.

Berrien County Trial Court administrator Brian Ray said in a separate email that also on May 9 White appeared in court to represent clients after drinking alcohol all day.   Ray said White was placed on a corrective action plan, but on Monday appeared in court showing signs of having ingested alcohol.

Because of the incident on Monday, Ray said White will no longer be representing clients (thank you Jesus).  Sepic said that because of the bond violation Monday, White will be arraigned on contempt of court charges on the same day he is sentenced for the impaired driving charge. 

This just in regarding Dennis Wiley, Berrien County judicial scum of the year:

After review of the Judicial Tenure Commission’s decision and recommendation, the settlement agreement, the standards set forth in Brown, and the above findings and conclusions, we ORDER that the Honorable Dennis M. Wiley be publicly censured. This order stands as our public censure.

Somebody has to stand up to the Whirlpool created corruption that exists in Berrien County Courthouse.  

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