Saturday, December 07, 2013

Did Whirlpool's "Vote Yes" committee act illegally?

Press Release
Contact Rev. Edward Pinkney, BANCO

Press Conference
Wednesday December 11, 4pm
Benton Harbor City Hall
200 Wall Street

A special election was held on May 7, 2013 for residents to vote on a millage enabling the city to pay bills.

The "Vote Yes" campaign succeeded and was funded by a $4000.00 check written by Whirlpool CEO Jeff Noel.  A committee was selected by mayor James Hightower and emergency manager Tony Saunders to work on this and convince residents to vote "yes."

The members were Mayor Hightower, emergency manager Saunders, Minnie Sims, Cora Robinson, and Sharon Henderson.

--Did this committee register with the county or the state?

--Did the committee accept and spend over $500.00 on the campaign?
--What was the name of the committee? 

--Who paid for the Water Street campaign headquarters?

--Exactly how much money was collected and how much was donated?

--Were any monies left over? 

--What bank was used and in what account were donations deposited? 

--Who was the treasurer? 

--Where is the financial campaign statement? 

--How did the committee fund yard signs, radio air time, etc?

--Since Whirlpool supported the "yes" vote, will the corporation use their power to prevent investigating these crucial questions?

We want a complete investigation by the Michigan Secretary of State and the Berrien County Sheriff's Department.

We will not rest until the pendulum of justice swing both ways.

The formal complaint will be filed on Monday, December 9, 2013, 9am.