Saturday, May 18, 2013

Compassionate Release for Lynne Stewart

The International Petition Campaign to Free Lynne Stewart and
Save Her Life is gratified to report that today, May 13,
following urgent communications from former Attorney General
Ramsey Clark and social activist Dick Gregory, that Federal
Bureau of Prisons General Counsel Kathleen Kenney telephoned
Ramsey Clark to advise that a recommendation of
Compassionate Release for Lynne Stewart from FMC Carswell
Warden Jody R. Upton is on the desk of FBP Director Charles
E. Samuels, Jr. with a full package of

Ramsey Clark and the International Petition Campaign are on
stand-by for further news regarding Federal Bureau of
Prisons implementation of Compassionate Release for Lynne
Stewart with the appropriate filing of this Motion with
Judge John Koetl.

We call upon all to intensify our collective efforts and
expand the Petition Campaign as this life and death decision
for Lynn e Stewart is pending.

Our grateful thanks to all for your dedication and
commitment in waging this struggle for justice, compassion
and freedom for Lynne Stewart

(This Breaking News Update was sent outcby Ralph Poynter.)
Now is the moment to redouble our
efforts. as Lynne, who has stage four cancer, wrote on April
28 from Carswell Federal Prison:
"Please do not think
that my struggle is WON... 
Please, please, please do
not let us rest on our laurels. Until my feet are planted
like the Tree that grows in Brooklyn, and I am among my
family, friends, and comrades and plunged back into the
struggle once more, we must continue. Fight
Please click here to sign or re-sign the
petition for compassionate release for Lynne
Stewart.  Keep the pressure
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