Friday, March 02, 2012

Never Before has Whirlpool been THIS bold

For the first time that we can recall, Whirlpool has come right out in print and declared a takeover, in this case, of the NAACP-BH. It's stunning. Shameless. Unreal. WP employee Marcus Robinson is circulating an email that's come to our attention. The content is screaming his desire to rid NAACP-BH of Rev. Pinkney. (Admittedly, one has to be intimately acquainted with the politics of WP and the twin city area to read between the lines.) From the Marcus Robinson email:

The State Commission of the NAACP and their national office has decided to undertake the reorganization this chapter with a specific intention of revitalize the leadership and membership body... contact Marcus Robinson, by cell 269.277.7711 or by inbox at

We urge any and all to contact Robinson with your views on the WP takeover attempt. Right out in the open. And, try to attend the Occupy the PGA protest, May 23-27!