Thursday, March 01, 2012

NAACP teams up with Whirlpool?

Rev. Martin Luther King refused to be involved with the NAACP. He was not a member. Rev. Edward Pinkney is beginning to think King did the right thing. On his program Pinkney to Pinkney on, he called for all NAACP card holders to burn their membership cards along with him this Sunday March 4, 5pm EST.

The Michigan NAACP has announced it will come to town on April 14 to hold a special election to vote out Pinkney, currently president of the local BH chapter; elected by a very wide margin. Marcus Robinson, Whirlpool employee, is currently giving free NAACP memberships to those who promise to vote against Pinkney.

Pinkney is a "peoples' pastor" and holds human and civil rights organizations accountable for their wrong doing, or just not doing. Membership dues and contributions paid to the NAACP should be used to help people. Yet, in Benton Harbor, the organization has teamed up with the Corporation in an attempt to remove Pinkney from his position as local NAACP president. (Pinkney is also president of BANCO and Stop the Takeover.)

Pinkney has been involved in organizing a five day protest from May 23 to 27 when the PGA tournament will be held in Benton Harbor on land Whirlpool stole from the town's residents. It doesn't take an IQ of 200 to understand why there's an effort to oust him from NAACP-BH. On his radio program yesterday Pinkney called the 102 year old organization "a sellout to the blood sucking corporation Whirlpool," and that "it's main interests are expensive awards dinners and fundraisers."

The Reverend is initiating plans to file a lawsuit againt the NAACP and is looking for members to join the effort. He said the organization claims to fight for rights of voters, yet disenfranchises the voting rights of NAACP-BH members to please "the corporation."

He feels confident that there are many who will attest to the fact that the NAACP ignores many injustices against Blacks, and even encourages discrimination.

(Look this up: 2010 - NAACP V. Black Cigarettes smokers.)

Did Whirlpool and the PGA promise money to the NAACP to oust Pinkney? After many years of living in the shadow of this corporation and observing the racism and corruption, Pinkney believes the answer is "yes."

Don't forget to burn your NAACP card on Sunday March 4, 2012,
5pm - and tune into, Pinkney to Pinkney
(5-6pm EST) Please contact him to join the lawsuit.