Thursday, August 11, 2011

Recent communication rec'd by Rev. Pinkney:

"The Berrien County Register of Deeds has known since the summer of 2007 that the 99 yr. Lease-Agreements are stolen, have not made any attempt to address the matter, for such attempt would draw attention to the Jean Klock Park of which legal process--State or Federal--never took cognizance of said Lease-Agreement or the fact that the Jean Klock Park never went through the receivership process the Warren State Park went through a year before: there is no "Trustee" at the Jean Klock Park, nor the Warren Properties except the State Park now that receivership process is complete.

The Klock Foundation, went into dissolution and became merged into the Berrien Community Foundation, but the Park again never went through the receivership process: botched Government process based upon the crime of the stolen 99 yr. Lease-Agreements: ...other Jack Nicklaus Projects where Golf Courses have consumed Parks the missing 99 yr. Lease-Agreements there, here would be the hard evidence of the premeditated crime at the Berrien County Register of Deeds.

Let me know if you are interested. ...the pending Michigan Dept. of Civil Rights case against Casey's Bar, whose current status after a year before the Dept. is "ongoing investigation." In other words, there is a criminal investigation running side by side. Think about it, it's not for me, it is for Mr. E.K. Warren, something County Government can't get through its head for whatever reason."