Saturday, July 30, 2011

Who is Roger Fraser?

The Herald Palladium, Whirlpool media arm, reported on a meeting held 2 days ago:

A meeting of the managers
Gov. Snyder to address city managers convention in St. Joseph Thursday

By John Matuszak July 27, 2011
St. Joseph - For the first time, St. Joseph is hosting a gathering of around 100 city managers and other government leaders from across the state and, also for the first time, Michigan's governor will speak to the organization...The highlight of the workshop event will be a "State of the State" address by Gov. Rick Snyder from 9:30 to 10:15 a.m. Thursday at the Heritage Center. Snyder is scheduled to review his first six months in office and talk about issues crucial to local governments.
...Benton Harbor Emergency Manager Joseph Harris will be part of a panel discussion Thursday morning on "Public Act 4: The Local Government and School District Responsibility Act of 2011,"...Harris will be joined on the panel by Roger Fraser, (emphasis added) deputy state treasurer for local government services and former city manager of Ann Arbor...

Who is Roger Fraser? This is extremely important info for Michigan residents:

Snyder Treasury Appointee Who Implements EM Takeovers Abused City Credit Card,
Ignored Auditor Warnings & Plunged Town into Deep Debt

...the choice [by Gov. Snyder] of Roger Fraser for this very important role stands out as highly questionable at best. The fact is that the City of Ann Arbor was nearly a half billion dollars more in debt after his time [9 years]as City Administrator. This should be enough to raise some red flags. However, when you dig into the details of how these debts arose, the red flags begin to flap more vigorously. The shifting of funds, sloppy record keeping and irregularities associated with the use of credit and purchasing cards, some by Roger Fraser himself, call his credentials into serious question. Under Fraser’s guidance, the City of Ann Arbor was guilty of some of the very actions that the cities of Benton Harbor and Pontiac, both of which now have EMs, have been criticized for.
...He’s the last person Michigan residents should have expected to see evaluating which cities in our state will be taken over under the auspices of Public Act 4. Full story: