Monday, April 11, 2011

Niles, Michigan fulfilled it's grant requirement; no longer needs black officer

Racism doesn't get much more straightforward. A couple years ago, the Niles police dept. applied for a grant to build a new station, but was rejected because the force was all white. By hiring Ivery Cross, the grant was awarded. He's now being framed (see post below.) It seems he's popular with the townspeople, but the (now white) police department wants him gone.

Berrien county uses it's courthouses to ruin African-Americans. That fact is crystal clear. Ivery Cross has had to appear in court 3 times recently; each time the court room was packed with Niles residents, blacks and whites in equal numbers. Tomorrow, Tuesday April 12, is the preliminary examination, where his 19 yr. old white accuser will testify. (If you'd like to attend, the Berrien county southern court is in Niles.)

Frame-ups in Berrien county, Michigan are, shall we say, thorough. Not only was Ivery Cross fired immediately after the allegation was made against him in March, but the bank in Niles where he had his house and car loan refused to take his money. Yes, these things occurred because of an ALLEGATION - neither police dept. or bank knew if it was true. Or, maybe they both knew it was false...