Thursday, April 07, 2011

Berrien County displays overt racism again and again and again

Now they're framing a 25 year old, college educated, star athelete, African-American, hometown Niles police officer

How do we know it's a frame-up? Well, it's no stretch whatsoever to believe it in this county, one of America's most bigoted. In fact, it's sort of a "duh?" moment. But here's some evidence: the first reports named the location where officer Ivery Cross supposedly sexually molested a 19 year old white male as a Niles jail cell. Oops. Cells have cameras. Now, reports have it happening in the jail bathroom - as stated by head prosecutor Art Cotter, major player in the life-threatening and life-destroying Berrien county courthouse. The 19 year old has a record, of course, making him easily bought.

Media like the Niles Star actually published details of the alleged assault. Remember the old adage about newspapers (media) playing "judge, jury, and executioner?" For examples of this, simply google: Ivery Cross and sexual assault.