Saturday, June 05, 2010

Essentially the same article was published in the HP two weeks ago. Beginning with an obviously inaccurate headline, this is nothing more than another propaganda piece. Whirlpool and Herald Palladium efforts at glorifiying intense and harassing police presence fall on deaf ears in Benton Harbor.

In 6th year, BH citizens are becoming fans of extra patrols

By Scott Aiken, Friday, May 28, 2010 (commentary begins with capital letters)
Berrien Springs - A program that has put extra police patrols on Benton Harbor streets each summer since 2005 is helping keep the city safer, officials said Thursday night. The joint effort of the Benton Harbor Police Department, Berrien County Sheriff's Department and state police is gaining public support.

---WHAT public ANYWHERE supports a police state?

Benton Harbor police Chief Roger Lange said city residents in the past questioned the presence of officers from other departments. "That's not being asked anymore," Lange told Berrien County commissioners... he believes people now see the benefit of the joint effort. Lange and Sheriff Paul Bailey presented data...

---NO RESIDENTS from Benton Harbor, nor from anywhere, welcome continued police stops, profiling, harassment, and false arrests. What human being WANTS to be in fear of the out-of-doors? Big Brother/Police State techniques keep poor people indoors, unable to communicate with friends and neighbors, living in a state of siege.

For the years 2005-09, officers working in the joint enforcement effort made 340 felony arrests, 1,417 misdemeanor arrests, 3,082 traffic stops and issued 1,505 tickets. They gave 1,810 warnings and made 4,361 checks of people using the Law Enforcement Information Network, a computerized data system.

---CHIEF LANGE, you could put a stop to these unconstitutional "checks" which you inflicted on pedestrians and drivers. Why waste money on misdemeanor arrests when they're supposed to be dismissed? These statistics are OUTRAGEOUS. Can anyone imagine St. Joe residents being made this afraid? Misery, racism, war on the poor, poverty, genocide, and a police state to make it all possible - Whirlpool is an evil enforcer. That's an understatement.

Money for the program in the warm weather is provided by an annual $50,000 contribution from the county and $50,000 from Whirlpool Corp. The money enables the sheriff's department to put two patrol cars, each manned by two deputies, on the street in Benton Harbor on weekends.

---WOULD that Whirlpool created jobs for residents. Instead, jobs go offshore, and BH residents are imprisoned.

State police add patrols during the week. The deputies and state troopers work with city police. "We're also working together in community programs," Bailey said. "It's not all about enforcement.

---BAILEY, enforcement is all you've ever understood. People have spoken out regarding your racist tendencies. You've never had a clue about "To serve and protect." Whirlpool wants you just the way you are.

"The city police are doing an excellent job, and it's been a great effort with the sheriff's deputies and state police."

---PROPAGANDA, pure and simple.

Lange said the extra manpower enables the city police department to better deal with so-called quality-of-life crimes such as gambling and public urination, and citizens appreciate the effort.

---CITIZENS are in need of jobs. Whirlpool and other corporations outsourced instead of making sure human beings in their midst were able to lead stable lives.

"The citizens' attitudes are changing," Lange said. "The citizens are coming to us and helping us solve crimes." The city police department has brought back a long-dormant reserve officer program, and 18 people who are completing training are to graduate on June 5. Lange said the reserves volunteer their time and will generally work with a certified officer. The reserves will sometimes work alone, he said, but have close radio contact with full-time police. Some of the reserve officers aspire to become certified officers, and their work as reserves allows the department to get to know them and their capabilities, Lange said. That could give a reserve officer an advantage when the city considers applicants to send to the police academy.

---TEACHING the residents how to become members of the occupying force of oppression.