Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Benton Harbor resident comes forward with a personal story of police abuse. You'll read in these short paragraphs how corrupt cops (backed by Whirlpool) ruin peoples' lives, and relationships with family and others. This story illustrates one part of the larger corporate objective to remove BH residents - by any means necessary.

I was one of the people in their reign of terror. They raided my house in ‘07 and took my chevy van. They took a large amount of money from my mother-in-law, and gave her only a percentage back. They also took money from me, saying they had found 3 eight balls in the house on the cabinet in vases. They were lying because where they said they found drugs my wife’s mother had cleaned the vases the day before. I told Mr. White, my attorney, that I never made a statement to Officer Collins or Hall, but he indicated that I told Collins that I drove my van around selling drugs to each and everyone that called me.

They also raided my uncle’s house - the same tormenting - them trying to make him say I sold drugs. The only thing I regret is losing my mother-in-law’s trust.
She started calling me a drug dealer, and I had them put out of the projects. I tried to talk to Mrs. Hester - she didn’t want to talk. She said I was a target. I also told her that I didn’t have any drugs nor did I sell drugs.

No one believed me, so I spent 2 days in jail and 2 years on a felony probation. All I want back is my life that I can’t seem to catch up with. I’m glad they found out the truth because nobody was asking questions about what Collins and Hall were doing. Pope tried to talk to the chief, but was not able to. I don’t blame just those two because it took more cops to do the drug raids, and some of those cops were there to witness what was found and what was planted.