Monday, February 01, 2010

Think of the numbers of people who have experienced Mr. Hoskin's frustration in Benton Harbor and St. Joe since Whirlpool (and other companies) outsourced jobs. Profit over the people and the land. Rather than respect the needs of human survival by bringing jobs back, Whirlpool spends it's time, energy, and billions on land stealing, land destruction, innocent imprisonments, and a money losing massive development. Thank you Mr. Hoskins for speaking for many.

Lack of job opportunities is very frustrating


This is being written to show the importance of the Benton Harbor/Benton Township community's efforts to bring jobs and job-training to this area.

I am a young man who was born and raised in Benton Harbor. I attended school, which was somewhat of a struggle, but I did graduate from high school in 2006. Since graduation I have worked in numerous jobs but have not been able to get additional training for better jobs. Having no employment for a while, and no real motivation to become better, led me to experience a brief issue with the law. I have since come to realize that I want something better for my life, and I really have been trying to find a job but have been frustrated because of the lack of jobs available.

I wish there were more places around where I could get training, with a secure job waiting for me after that training.

I feel that would help me achieve the goals I have set for myself to be successful.

L. T. Hoskins Jr., Benton Harbor
Herald Palladium, 1/31/10