Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Supervisor Tedderic (spelling not clear) acts out Whirlpool-supported racism in letter to employee

African-American employees of Whirlpool report extreme racial tension in the corporation. (Rep. Fred Upton is the heir to WP corp. and is likely aware of it's policies - written and unwritten.) The letter, When You Know You Are From Benton Harbor (part 1), below is more evidence that racism is condoned in the WP workplace. It is well known in the African-American community of Benton Harbor that oppressive racism exists at WP, but most employees fear coming forward with their stories. One says, "Racism is so thick at Whirlpool that people are afraid to breathe." Another well-known fact is that WP has been sued many times (more than other corporations) by employees for workplace racism. WP generally loses.

Mr. Tedderic acted out his hostility in writing this letter, even though WP corporate policy (in theory at least) requires no racist behavior, no bullying, etc., etc. among all employees.

After studying bullybusters.org and many other sites dealing with intimidation in the workplace, it's no wonder that the recipient of the letter below has had to seek psychotherapy. To have worked in this oppressive atmosphere, and then to receive this venomous letter of racial attack, it would be difficult to exist without getting help.

Ms. Boyd (name changed) had the courage to report this letter to not one, but two supervisors in WP upper management - to NO avail. That's right, absolutely nothing - not one thing - was done to rectify this situation. Ms. Boyd's supervisor remains free to dole out his abuse.

Rev. Pinkney's information is at the bottom of this website - please consider
contacting him if you are a WP employee willing to tell your story.

The letter, "When You Know You Are From Benton Harbor"

1. You know you are from Benton Harbor when you think Henry's is the best place to eat in town. 2. A fast food restaurant. 3. When you think Empire St. is like Hollywood, Cal. Empire is where all the hoods hang out. 4. When you think B-Jays or May street Market is the place to be. 5. Where all the dope dealers hang out. 6. When you have been to Meg's and when you went they had a fight. 7. When people think you talk country. 8. When you say Ben Harba instead of Benton Harbor. 9. When you say Don't nobody know where Benton Harbor is. 10. When you get a new outfit for everyday of the Christmas Basketball Tournament or any event. 11. When you think Apple B's and Steak-n-shake are the best sit down restaurants to eat. 12. When you were in a million and one activities in School. 13. When you were in Del-Teens, Kappa League, or Ivy Teens. 14. When you were a part of Benton Harbor band which is all Black. 15. When you watch MTV in the morning CUZ BET is not on yet! 16. When you have ran from speedy. 17. When you can't stand Benton Harbor but represent it wherever you go. 18. When you be the hypest at all parties. 19. When you actually know how to dance. 20. When you dress to impress you know you are black from Benton Harbor. 21. When you wear sun-glasses to the prom. 22. When you ran from the security guards CUZ you just got caught skippin. 23. When you are black you go home every weekend to get your hair done. 24. When you are black one of your favoritest slow songs ever was Ooh-Ahh by three piece. 25. When you are black you make up random words like I did in #22.

Part 2 will appear on this site within 2 days.