Thursday, December 10, 2009

Granholm Wants Her Mansion on the Lake in Benton Harbor

How did Rev. Edward Pinkney learn that Gov. Granholm denied his commutation?
(Commutation would relieve Pinkney of the false charges which he was convicted of.)

He learned of her JUNE '09 decision several days ago. It was through a phone call from atty. Kelly Flint to the state parole board that the governor's decision was made known to Pinkney. Atty. Flint was informed that gov. Granholm's decision was mailed to Pinkney in June. As you can imagine, Pinkney was just a tad interested in the decision, and is certain that the letter never arrived in his mailbox. This shows a total lack of respect for Pinkney by the gov. and the parole board.

Pinkney says Granholm denied his commutation for several reasons.

Berrien County Judge Alfred Butzbaugh is a close chum of hers. Before she was gov., they served on the state bar board together, and as gov. she appointed him chief judge in Berrien Cty.

And, approving his commutation would make herself and Butzbaugh look foolish. Apparently, she isn't aware of how foolish she looks in the eyes of Michigan citizens already as another corporate shill, and supporting a Whirlpool-backed judge who states that Pinkney's paraphrasing of Dueteronomy 28 is a threat to him (Butzbaugh) and his family.

Lastly, she needs Pinkney out of the way for a smooth transition to ownership of her mansion on Whirlpool's stolen land in Benton Harbor. Keep Pinkney Quiet By Any Means Necessary is part of the Whirlpool/State of Michigan mission statement.

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