Thursday, October 02, 2008

Upton’s biggest strength is deflecting blame

HP, 10/2/08

Editor, (excerpt)

Fury at the fat cats on Wall Street will get you nowhere because they are not accountable to us. Our national interests have been betrayed, repeatedly and belligerently, by those sent to Washington to protect us.

It is time to throw the bums out. Southwest Michigan’s own Congressman Fred Upton is partially to blame. Here is an entrenched member of Congress and a Washington insider with pockets as deep as his connections to Wall Street. Upton’s mentor, Dave Stockman, is a multi-millionaire Wall Street tycoon under indictment for bank fraud, among other things.

If ever there were a henhouse, it’s Wall Street. If ever there were a fox, it’s Fred Upton. Are we angry with Congress? Yes.

Are we angry with Wall Street?

Yes. Will Upton be re-elected, nonetheless? Probably. Why?

Because people like Upton are brilliant at deflecting blame and convincing voters that it’s not their fault when things go up in smoke.

If the Fred Uptons of America are all re-elected, then this is no time of crisis. In times of crisis, Americans take a stand. Will you?

Kevin Wordelman Benton Harbor