Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Destruction of the Earth in Berrien

Readers keep in mind that all of the organizations mentioned in the following article are "arms" of Whirlpool Corporation.

To a certain extent, this includes the Benton Harbor city commission.

Rep. Fred Upton is heir to the Whirlpool fortune.

Please consider boycotting Whirlpool and all of it's subsidiaries. This invasive, permanent attack on some of the most gorgeous land in Michigan is beyond disturbing. Please see the two photos. Primary motivation for this action against the earth is golf-playing for Rep. Fred Upton, Whirlpool execs., county judges and attorneys, etc etc and their cronies.

Remember Gov. Granholm's promise to Whirlpool before she was elected: vote for me and I'll get you that golf course. Both the Washington Post and now the Chicago Tribune have weighed in on Harbor Shores. The recent Tribune article tells us that the governor has offered an "incentive" package of 120 million to Harbor Shores.

While Benton Harbor starves and endures years of police harassment and severe legal system abuse. One of the richest corporations in the US is given 120 million by the governor.

Much to say about Harbor Shores
Public comment period ends with 300 written responses, a representative of the city manager says

Herald-Palladium Business Writer

Now that the public com­ment period for Harbor Shores is closed, the next step for the controversial development plan rests with Benton Har­bor. The six-week comment pe­riod ended Saturday. A repre­sentative of Benton Harbor City Manager Richard Marsh said some 300 written com­ments were received by the city. Marsh did not return calls asking for comment. The controversy surround­ing the Harbor Shores plan – and the need for the public comment period – centers on Jean Klock Park.

The proposal calls for leas­ing 22 acres of the 73-acre park for three holes of an 18 ­hole Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course, the centerpiece of the $430 million project. Developers have proposed adding more than 40 acres to the park system throughout Benton Harbor as mitigation and will pay for maintenance at the park. The city must respond
to any substantial new facts that surface in citizens’
comments, said Wendy Dant Chesser, president and CEO of
Alliance. Cornerstone is one of three nonprofit orga­nizations organizing the Har­bor Shores development.
If the city commission
does not find anything that needs more investigation, it will send the matter to the Michi­gan
Department of Natural Resources, which will
submit its findings to the National Park Service for consider­ation.
Those opposing the park conversion have said a golf course is not an appropriate use of public land and that the
economic benefits of the
de­velopment will not benefit the city’s poor.
Harbor Shores supporters say the project will pay to re­vitalize the park and will drive an economic rebirth in the area,
with new jobs, homes and hotels
to go along with the golf course. The NPS can reject the plan and did so last year, in part because there was no official public comment period.

The Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course, the linchpin of the Harbor Shores
development, is under construction. The road on the left is North Shore
Drive, and the Paw Paw River is at the top.

“From Harbor Shores’ per­spective, the ball is pretty much in the city of Benton Harbor’s court,” Chesser said. She
expects the City Com­mission to decide next week
whether to send the matter on to the DNR. The commission is
sched­uled to meet Tuesday instead
of Monday next week because of the Memorial Day holiday. Chesser said she
was not aware of any
regulated time frame during which the NPS needs to respond. But she noted that the agency is
familiar with the proj­ect. “I feel pretty good that they’ll be able to turn this around expeditiously,” she said.
Harbor Shores is a coopera­tive effort of three nonprofit organizations – Cornerstone Alliance, the Alliance for
World-Class Communities and the Whirlpool
Founda­tion – and the cities of St. Jo­seph and Benton Harbor, Benton
Township, Berrien County and the state.
The project is designed to encom­pass 530 acres in Benton Har­bor,
St. Joseph and Benton Township.
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