Sunday, May 18, 2008

Judge Butzbaugh Implicated

Court Hearing, March 17, Berrien County

On St. Patrick's Day, '08, Judge Butzbaugh heard the motion to remove the entire Berrien County Judiciary from the Rev. Pinkney case. This hearing was important for not only what was said, but what was not said, but known.

What was not said, but known is quite damaging to both the honorable judge and possibly many within the Judiciary system in Berrien County. The Reverend Pinkney was sentenced for his actions in a recall election that he initiated to save Jean Klock Park from developers. One of the major developers of the area is Ship Street Realty, which was merged with the professional corporation of Butzbaugh and Ryan on March 9, 2006 after the Pinkney conviction. Back in 2004, took the name Law & Title Realty, LLC taking the assumed name of Counselors-Ship Street Realty. The word "counselors" assumes that the ownership is by members of the legal profession. Why is the defense attorney worried about getting a fair hearing in Berrien County? That certainly may be one of the answers.

Benton Harbor Jean Klock Park Public Comments Meeting 4/17

Testimony hinged largely around the fact that the donor of this park, Mr. Klock, had made this gift to the City of Benton Harbor in memory of his daughter who had died at a very young age. It was in her memory that the park be used by the children of Benton Harbor, not to be turned into a golf course for the wealthy. If this happens in Benton Harbor, it will set a precedent that could affect every public park in our state. Do the wealthy and powerful have a right to steal from the citizens of this state? The voice of people needs to be heard, or one day every one of us will wake up some day and find our lives completely shattered by the powerful few.

For 3 revealing videos, one of Butzbaugh on the bench, go to