Saturday, April 19, 2008

Recent Jail Harassment of Rev. Pinkney

In order to "break down an aging activist", as Larry Pinkney (no relation) wrote on regarding Berrien County's goal for Rev. Pinkney, a variety of techniques are used. They are used in jails and prisons where abusive treatment is the norm. During this past week the jail and most likely sheriff Bailey decided to withold mail. A large package arrived and was placed in Rev. P.'s locker instead of being delivered to him. This was a package he was expecting. One can imagine his anticipation every hour of everyday, wondering if a jail employee would deliver the package to him. Jail: 269-983-7111 x7231 (you can ask for various departments and sheriff Paul Bailey)

Rev. Edward Pinkney #10017670-ISo4
Berrien County Jail
919 Port St.
St. Joseph, MI 49085