Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Supporters of unfairly sentenced and unjustly accused and tried 60 year old Rev. Pinkney have been alerted to racially motivated harassments of black inmates recently. On Feb. 16 Sgt. McCoy took all of the inmates' books from them. No reason was given. Rev. Pinkney's new mattress was removed and replaced with a very old worn out one. This is a direct attack on Pinkney as his health has not been good and he has suffered greatly from sleeping on thin and unfit bedding. There are attacks on other black inmates as well. When inmate John Jones asked why all of his books had been confiscated, Sgt. McCoy attacked him physically and then shut down the television that another inmate had paid for. Mr. Jones was held in solitary confinement ("the hole") and all other inmates were held in lock down, some for three days.

Pinkney saw another officer, deputy Hooks, carrying away his new mattress.....Why are these white jailers depriving him of his needed rest and taking away his reading material...a single source of great solace that enabled him to keep his spirits high despite sub standard conditions, poor food and minimal sanitation? Show us the law stating that inmates not be allowed to even read. These outrages must end. Racially motivated harassment must end. When will the federal gov. step in?

Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey (269) 983-7141
Jail (269) 983-7111 x7231
Gov. Granholm (517) 373-3400 (517) 335-7858

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EXCELLENT 5 MIN. VIDEO: This video about the travails of a community fighting off a huge golf course is extremely interesting and very relevant to the current shenanigans in Berrien County: