Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Whirlpool Moves Closer to Monopoly With Government Blessing

I can think of only two words to describe the following: ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS

Whirlpool bought Maytag in March, so, the former Maytag executives are moving to Berrien County and Whirlpool is building extravagant homes for them. The majority of the money for this huge expenditure is coming from none other than MICHIGAN TAXPAYERS. By signing off on a 10.4 MILLION dollar tax break specifically for the purpose of building these mansions, Gov. Jennifer Granholm is selling out taxpayers by forcing us to bear this burden. Whirlpool is shelling out 5 million to help build the mansions.

Whirlpool Corporation, Benton Harbor, Mich., the world's largest appliance maker will close three factories and cut 4500 jobs. After the 1.68 billion dollar purchase of Maytag Corp., Whirlpool now owns over 70% of all washers and dryers in the world. This near-monopoly is made possible by government at all levels.

The cuts include 1000 jobs at a plant in Herrin,Ill.(downstate) and another 70 jobs at a Maytag adminstration office in Schaumburg,Ill. Both buildings are closing.

The washer and dryer plants in Searcy,Ark. will close by the end of this year(1700 jobs) and one in Newton, Iowa will shut down in the year 2007(1730 jobs). Several people from the Newton, Iowa plant contacted me and asked for help. I told them the only way you can beat a corporation like Whirlpool is to boycott the product that the company makes. I promised the people in Newton that I would do all I can to help.

By eliminating these 4500 jobs, the Benton Harbor based Whirlpool Corp. has continued to suck the life out of the residents not only in Benton Harbor, but the rest of the country, one city at a time, wherever Whirlpool products are sold and where jobs are lost.

Maytag did not want to outsource their American jobs to China, South Korea, and Mexico. Whirlpool was quicker to go overseas to outsource as many jobs as possible. Maytag has been almost exclusively in the United States. But now, Whirlpool will outsource over 50% of all Maytag jobs which they do not eliminate.

We Must Boycott all Whirlpool products. Once again, Whirlpool widens the gap between the haves and the have nots. We must say enough is enough.