Friday, June 24, 2005

Judge Maloney's claim that he never knew Rev. Pinkney publicly criticized him is not at all credible.

Rev. Pinkney and BANCO's criticism of the Berrien County justice system has been well-publicized. Just one example is this report from WNDU-16 on 6/24/03:

'Reverend Edward Pinkney, the leader of BANCO, says, "We want the justice department to not only look into the police department but we also want them to look into the Berrien County courthouse because we believe the Berrien County courthouse is the root of the problems."

Racially biased?

Reverend Pinkney says sentencing is racially biased. "One particular group of people, the African Americans, usually gets the maximum amount of time a judge can give them. And usually if you're Caucasian or white you get the least amount that's available to you."

Along with others calling for investigations into local police, BANCO wants a committee to oversee complaints about Berrien County judges.'

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