Thursday, May 12, 2005

Berrien County Chief Prosecutor James Cherry Advises City Commissioner on How to Commit a Crime

The St. Joseph Herald Palladium reported that Benton Harbor City Commissioner Glen Yarbrough met with a group of people including BH city manager Pete Mitchell to discuss Yarbrough's Feb. 22 recall election after the fact, and then met with prosecutor James Cherry. In a WSJM interview Yarbrough stated that Cherry advised him on how to "get" me and begin investigation. Read on for details.

Two Courageous Men

One notarized affidavit and one tape recording were delivered to the BH city clerk's office recently, both by BH men who decided to tell the truth. Each made his decisions after reading or hearing media reports alleging that I paid people to vote in the Feb. 22, 2005 BH recall election.

Cleophus Kilgor's March 15, 2005 statement reveals that while collecting recall petition signatures in August 2004 Glen Yarbrough found him. Yarbrough, while drinking beer, drove Kilgore to meet BH city manager Pete Mitchell at Le-Chic's bar where Yarbrough and Mitchell gave Kilgore money and drinks. They promised more money if Kilgore could sabotage the recall election.

Mr. Kilgore turned in 286 signatures that were ruled out by county clerk Louise Stein. There were still more than enough "good" signatures to recall Commissioner Yarbrough.

Mansel William's statement indicates that he was approached by Yarbrough while at the BH soup kitchen. Yarbrough paid him $10 to testify that Rev. Pinkney paid him $5 to vote. (Mr. Williams decided to tell the truth before the trial, so he was not asked to give false testimony.)

Cherry Recall

It has been reported to me that Prosecutor Cherry is in the process of being recalled, and that he fabricated evidence and presented it during the Yarbrough recall election trial, April 12, 13, 14, 2005. This action has brought the city of BH together against the Berrien County Courthouse.

Voter Rights and Stop Rev. P. Frame-up Rally:

May 21, 1pm, Benton Harbor Library

These false allegations about me must become common knowledge. If a judge can sit on the bench and make laws and change laws to void an election or cancel your vote, we are in serious trouble. We must fight. Black people are so in fear of losing their lives, they do not always stand up for what's right, or concern themselves with the safety of others.