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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

End the Silence March and Rally Wed noon

This is going to be attended by people from many parts of the country and state.
Current projections say at least 1000 people will come to Benton Harbor.

Live coverage by MSNBC and Ed Schultz
Speakers include Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero

End the Silence March and Rally Wed. 4/27, 12noon, Benton Harbor, MI

March/rally in Benton Harbor, Michigan in response to the usurping of the rights and democratic process of their city government and their citizens by empowering a non-elected Emergency Financial Manager to take over the day-to-day operations of Benton Harbor.

Meet at the Cornerstone Chamber of Commerce located at 38 W. Wall St., Benton Harbor - march to City Hall.

EFM Joe Harris "talks trash" about elected officials and union bargaining rights

If you scroll down at the following website you'll see a short video of the Benton Harbor, Snyder trained, EFM speaking. Text of the talk is also provided. His intentions are clearly not to help Benton Harbor.


Scroll to the bottom and find out more about tomorrow's demo, and other coming events.


Anonymous said...

Bet 100 people don't show up and those that do will not be from Benton Harbor. When will you ever get it. You don't vote....You don't count!!!!

Gordon said...

We get a lot of bigoted comments and usually don't bother to post, but this
is too perfect. You admit that you believe EFM Joe Harris was right to take away voting rights from Benton Harborites (African Americans.) First official dictatorship in the US, but fine with you.