Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Posted by Libby Spencer, Mon, Apr 25, 2011, Detroit News
A question of timing

One question I haven't seen asked or answered in the story of Benton Harbor is about the timing of EFCzar Joe Harris' move to dissolve the city government. The law was signed on March 16, 2011. Section 141.1530:(30)(2) of the EFM law clearly states an existing EFM has to wait 60 days to exercise their powers under section 26(3), So how is it that Harris dissolved the Committees in 30 days? Is he somehow doing an end run because he didn't actually remove them from office, but merely prevented them from governing while allowing them to keep the title?

And as an interesting aside, the City Commissioners are only paid $90 a month yet word has it, they haven't been paid their monthly stipend for attending meetings since February. Which is before the law was even enacted. Looks to me like Mr. Harris is using his power simply to punish his critics.

From The Detroit News: