Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Judge Charles Lasata plays doctor

Buckle your seat belt and breathe deeply.

Beverly Lewis from Benton Harbor has only a third grade education due to severe epilepsy and a school system lacking resources. She suffers several seizures per day and is heavily medicated. Needless to say, Ms. Lewis, late 30's, is physically and mentally handicapped. (Her father happens to be the deceased wrestler, Bo Bo Brazil.)

On January 5, 2011, Ms. Lewis attended the infamous Berrien County courthouse for allegedly attacking a woman. Judge Lasata, suddenly playing the role of court physician, told Ms. Lewis that she fakes the seizures she has lived with for decades.

She was unlucky enough to have public defender Scott Sanford as counsel.
Court watchers cannot think of a case Sanford has won in a decade, and know him primarily for saying the words, "Plead guilty." Ms. Lewis has led an exemplary life, has never even received a parking ticket, but was forced to plead guilty to this crime which she did not commit.

At first she did refuse, but after Sanford hit her in the face with some papers and told her he would see that she spent the rest of her life in prison, she didn't know any better than to plead guilty. We can say with confidence that the main goal of the courthouse is to imprison for life as many BH residents as possible.

In the county jail, two days later, she sent word that she needed some assistance, so, true to common Berrien County jail practice, a guard was sent to beat her up.

Judge Lasata must be stopped.

The story ends here for now. It is our constitutional duty to hold law enforcement and courts accountable for their actions, inactions, and wrongdoing. We must fight for justice.

There is a saying in Berrien County: Do not fight Whirlpool. Why? They can
financially ruin you and do great harm to you and your family. Whirlpool controls every aspect of Berrien, including the courthouse and judges.


Mark Osborne said...

i would agree with you on that when my stepdad went in front of charles Lasata he was informed that my stepdad had a congnitive problem and he ignored it. So the family and i hired a frenzic psychologist to go to the prison and test him. When we contacted the doctors office they had stated that yes he has a severe cognitive issue. When jackson prison evaluated him they found a problem as well. So as far as i'm concerned Charles Lasata is no doctor hes just another scumbag that us tax payers have to support while engaging in wrongful convictions.

Mark Osborne said...

Well we recieved the testing results in the mail yesturday. It states that my stepdad is mentally impared so in that matter i feel lasata,parish,and sepic should surrender their state bar license for taking advantage of his disabilites.

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