Saturday, January 15, 2011

The following was sent to this website regarding Scott Sanford and Berrien County public defenders:

Scott Sanford is a piece of shit. People should stop agreeing to be represented by Scott "representing the court" Sanford. If no one pays him, then he has no one other than is private clients to represent. Unfortunately this is a break in our educational system. We have to teach people in our communities that you cannot get good criminal defense
(even when you think you're innocent) by a "court appointed" attorney. They represent the hand that feeds them. I told mr. sanford before that he didn't earn his fees, and he said I need to take it up with the court, but I'm quite sure I paid for his representation. I told him I don't care how they split the pie, the fact is that I paid for representation and all I got was thrown under the bus. And it wasn't the first time I had a public defender who attempted to feed me to the wolves. I would never do it again. For those people who haven't had the experience or are currently going through some type of legal issue, they have to be warned that public defenders are only there to make sure the court gets as much money out of you as possible. You can't come out any worse by choosing to represent yourself, or spending a few days in jail or paying the same amount of money to retain private counsel.