Saturday, February 06, 2010

This is Rev. Edward Pinkney’s commentary on a recent Federal Court decision. Brackets indicate language which Rev. Pinkney has added.
The first paragraph is from Federal judge dismisses lawsuit over Jean Klock Park by Eartha Jane Melzer, 1/19/10,

[Global bloodsucker Whirlpool wins in Federal Court
Gentrification Continues.]

"A federal judge in Grand Rapids has dismissed a lawsuit that claimed the National Park Service and Army Corp of Engineers failed to follow environmental laws when they allowed Benton Harbor's [very own] Jean Klock [Park] and beach to be [stolen from the residents of Benton Harbor for] a private Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course, [as reported in the Michigan Messenger. What they did was criminal.] '...there were several major factual errors and legal flaws in the ruling, which if left unchallenged, open local and state parks across the country to privatization...,' Terry Lodge, attorney for the plaintiffs said in a statement. [Whirlpool] "has a plan to profit from the public's legacy." Full article with original text by Eartha Melzer
can be seen on this weblog, Jan. 19, 2010, and at:

Whirlpool, a racist global bloodsucker, continues to disrupt the community by building the golf course, on 530 acres of prime land, centered around luxury housing. This is a billion dollar project designed to drive all Black Benton Harbor residents from the city. Whirlpool is trying to make the city a tourist attraction.
They figure that Black people commit all the crimes so they want them out.

This is called gentrification. Definition: when the gentry, like Whirlpool -- the ruling class -- want to take or steal land from the poor. Why should the rich be able to force, push or kick out the poor and the homeless? Anytime the police find homeless people living in abandoned buildings or a park, they normally arrest them. That is their way of getting rid of them. Of course the homeless live in parks - anywhere they can! Because of the golf course, they are being driven out and criminalized. Nobody is defending the homeless except us.

The struggle goes on. It is a growing problem of social injustice toward the homeless and poor and is hurting people as Whirlpool continues to suck the life out of Benton Harbor. We will continue to fight for the homeless and to stop racism.

Mr, Tedderic, a white supervisor at Whirlpool, openly practices racism with the blessing of his superiors. They have closed every avenue by which light may enter the minds of the residents of Benton Harbor. They are just one step away from accomplishing their goal of destroying all the African Americans who live here. They think if they can extinguish the capacity to see the light, their work would be completed. Benton Harbor residents would then be on the level of the beast of the field and the ruling elite should be safe.

We, the people, must continue to speak truth to power and stop gentrification everywhere. We need to stop the corporations before it is too late. Now, with the latest Supreme Court ruling, the corporations can back any candidate they want with as much money as they want. The corporations have complete control, are able to openly install politicians into office. There was a time when this was done under cover, but corporate facism is now the “legal” law of the land.


Anonymous said...

The problem with Banco propaganda, aside from logical and factual inaccuracies, is that the even hard-core conspiracy theorists do not buy into the wild-eyed idea that a golf course / housing, in an area where there previously was no housing, and which previously boasted toxic waste and an old parking lot, is an attempt to "destroy" black people. In fact, more people are going to JK beach than ever before. The place is now CROWDED in the summer with residents and visitors. What a nice testament to the Klock vision.

But perhaps a much sadder reality, is that Banco has yet to invest in any job training seminars, education, teen age pregnancy counseling, basic financial advice; i.e. things that would truly help provide a skill-set to those who wish to enter into the workforce.

Wild-eyed visions of "destruction" do nothing to help...but at this point many question whether Banco truly has the desire or ability to provide structural guidance to anyone.

The people would like to see an actual program developed by Banco, to prepare people for the workforce. Where are these programs? Seminars? Skills workshops? Anything?

Remember, its not "everyone else's" fault. There is little chance this post makes it on to the website, I know.

Anonymous said...

Crafting a proper response to the above comment is impossible considering the available space. If anyone is interested in an answer and contrary opinion, please access my commentary blogged here on 2/10, an essay prompted entirely by the fearful, faceless entity authoring the irresponsible claims made above.

You can be sure the Herald Palladium wouldn't print my comments. But judging by the spin they've put on the whole Harbor Shores/Reverend Pinkney story from the very beginning, they most likely would have printed the sad, penultimately empty trash offered by Anonymous.

Edward Pinkney possesses more raw courage in his little finger than the person writing the above possesses in his/her entire body.

John L. Mann