Thursday, April 16, 2009

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Official [OFFICIAL PROPAGANDA]: Benton Township police chase ended in suicide

After reviewing videotape, reports, county prosecutor Cotter says Quintis Pratt shot himself

By J. Dalgleish, HP 4/15/09

BENTON TOWNSHIP - Quintis Pratt shot and killed himself after the stolen car he drove crashed following an April 3 police chase in Benton Township, Berrien County Prosecutor Arthur Cotter said Tuesday. [WHY WAS HIS SUICIDE NOT IN THE HP'S FIRST REPORT? SEE BELOW, MON. APRIL 6,]

Cotter said evidence shows that Pratt, 24, of Benton Township, suffered a gunshot wound to the head at close range and police found a revolver in his lap. [HE SHOOTS HIMSELF IN THE HEAD, THEN PLACES GUN IN HIS LAP? HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK READERS ARE?] Cotter said he concluded it was a suicide after reviewing police car videotape and investigators' reports. [WHY DID COTTER HAVE TO REVIEW IT? FOUL PLAY COVER-UP ATTEMPT? FIRST THEY CLAIM A CAR CRASH KILLED HIM. (WE KNEW THE CAR CRASH COULD NOT HAVE KILLED HIM.) NOW IT'S A SUICIDE. BERRIEN COUNTY NEEDS A DEPT. OF JUSTICE INVESTIGATION, AND HAS FOR YEARS.]

"I looked at the video and it's abundantly clear he was dead" as township police officers walked toward the car, Cotter said. [THE PEOPLE NEED TO REVIEW THE VIDEO - COTTER IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY.]

The Berrien County Sheriff's Department handled the investigation. [ANOTHER OUT-OF-CONTROL AGENCY.]

Cotter said the incident began at 6:14 a.m. April 3 when someone stole Elisha Durhan's Dodge Cirrus while her husband left it to warm up near their apartment along Union Avenue in Benton Township.

Police spotted the car around 11 a.m. along Britain Avenue and began a pursuit, which lasted for a half-mile. Pratt lost control of the car, and it crashed into a chain link fence at the corner of Beveridge and Britain avenues. [YOU FIRST REPORTED THE CHAIN LINK FENCE CRASH KILLED HIM - WE KNEW THIS TO BE FALSE.]

The crash happened east of Crystal Avenue, near Boynton Montessori School. Township Police Chief Vince Fetke said the two patrol cars in pursuit backed off as they approached the school. [BENTON TOWNSHIP NEVER BACKS OFF.]

Cotter said Pratt's father, Emmit Pratt, told investigators that his son months before had vowed he would never go back to prison. Cotter said the fear of prison could have motivated Pratt to kill himself. [PRATT KNEW STEALING A CAR WOULD NOT GET HIM SENT TO PRISON.]

Ironically, Cotter said, there was a fair chance a car theft conviction might not have meant prison time. He said Pratt did not get time for a drug delivery conviction last year.

According to the Michigan Department of Corrections Web site, Pratt completed a four-year prison term last year for possession of a sawed-off shotgun. He served a year before that for larceny in a building. The sentences were handed down in Berrien County.


Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! More CRAP from BANCO, I cannot beoieve it (sense the sarcasm?). I believe, that after the investigation is over, you have the right to see tha is probably available under the Freedom of Information Act.

The suicide was probably not listed in the first report, as the investigation probably was not complete when the paper ran the first story.

My guess is that once he shot himself in the head, the gun FELL in his lap. Most likely he was not able to place it anywhere. How stupid to YOU appear?

Typically, things like this ARE reviewed by the prosecutor. You should know that well "reverend" P.!

Your little "jabs" at the police show how "litttle" you really are. You are so crooked yourself, therefore you are highly suspicious of everyone else. Ever read Shakespeare Rev. P? "Me thinks thou does protesteth too much".

The police should NOT have backed off. The guy committed a crime. I believe unlawful driving away of an auto is a felony. This would have been his second. I find it hard to believe he would not have gotten jail time. I think we should adopt a 3 strikes you are out type of system like California.
You seem to believe that if one commits a crime, and runs fast enough he should just be allowed to get away........whatever! Learn to live within the law!

The only coment I have left for Rev. P. is that it is sometimes wiser to keep your mouth closed and let people believe you are an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubts.

Anonymous said...

Is it possbile, that a person is so stup[id as to believe any of this drivel written by Pinkney?

Anonymous said...

these comments reveal the kind of mindset prevalent in berrien county.
for that reason they are valuable.
i wonder what police dept. the commenters might possibly be from?

Anonymous said...

I wrote the first post, and guarantee you I do not work for the police dept. I am a private citizen who thinks BANCO is crap.

You need to get a clue.

If you find Berrien County so bloody intolerable, get out and move elsewhere you sociopathic weirdos!

Anonymous said...

Most enlightening.

Anonymous said...

I read these postst this morning, and though to myself, man, the first anonymous is on to something here!

I am so TIRED of the crap from BANCO. I am am African American male, in my late 40's,highly educated, gainfully employed, and basically I see myself being called a sell out to whites (on other posts), and referred to as a "white-wannabe".....get a life Reverend.

I (despite my race) can see that as a citizen I must live by the law, whether I like it or not.

As sad as it is that this young man took his life, he was breaking the law, simple as that. Same with the "T-Shirt" you refer to.

All either of these young men would have had to do was to pull over when the police tried to stop them. THat is how it works. They would both have been alive.

Mr. Pratt would have likely ended up in jail, but alive. Face it, he was a felon who had allegedly committed another felony....much like the reverend himself.

I do not understand why you criminals thugs think that because other black me choose to live within the law, we are "sellouts".

If Reverend Pinkney is so friggin miserable here in BH, why doesnt he move on to elsewhere, where he might be appreciated? I really don't think he is very well appreciated here.

I also agree with the first anonymous that those who protest the loudest are usually the ones with the problem. Think about it reverend!

Anonymous said...

Anon: Maybe you should be the one to leave since you suffer such exhaustion.

Anonymous said...

you sure don't sound white - more like the berrien county racists. an african american in berrien with strong opinions would be standing up and speaking out against the worst racism in michigan.

Anonymous said...

I don't sound white because Im not fool!

I have very strong opinions, they in no way, however, match yours.

I never said I was exhausted, I said I am tired of this same old crap from Pinkney/BANCO. You people give the rest of us a bad name. YOU perpetuate the racist feelings between the two cities.

It is OH SO SIMPLE. Live within the law, and you wont have any trouble. I live by the law, and gee, hmm......guess what.....I have never been arrested or treated improperly by the police.

Of course neither myself or my children wear our pants 6 inches below our waist, sagging to the ground, or our hats kicked sideways etc. etc. My daughter, who is in high school (noth BHHS mind you!) is not pregnant. I do not understand the mentality of BH, that it is OK to behave like there are no rules, and be pregnant over and over again before you are out of HS. Guess what, neither of my children had been harassed either.

If African Americans are to overcome, then we need to stand up and integrate ourselves into societies main stream.You reap what you sow. Act like a functioning, mainstream member of society, and you will be treated as such. Act a fool, and you will be treated as such. Is that clearer reverend?

Anonymous said...

The police shot him. Then why is the family not doing anything. Hmmm wonder because they know that their loved one killed himself. Just because two white officers chased a black man does not mean that they killed him. Chases happen all the time around here. Foot chases and car chases. Why is everyone not dead then,

Anonymous said...

You are transparent. Comments like yours are typical on this blog: angry white racist rants. Unfortunately, the lack of understanding regarding the history of Berrien County, Whirlpool's devastating job outsourcing, the long segregation process, the diversion of funds from BH to St. Joe and other parts of the county, and the general growth of corruption in the county led by Whirlpool and Fred Upton make you and others ignorant. And let's not forget law enforcement's unconstitutional and illegal harassment and misconduct in BH, and a courthouse completely out of control. Until this understanding is pervasive in the county, and some kind of truth and reconciliation effort is made, and jobs and funding exist for BH, the divide will continue. And so will your anger and racism.

Anonymous said...

Even if 100% of what this website says is true then that means that BH has NO crime problem except that which is made up by the cops and courts.

I don't say this lightly, but with a heavy heart... Just how stupid are you? You talk of ignorance of the history of Benton Harbor and why it is in decline. You talk as though Whirlpool was always the main employer. You forget plants such as Superior Steel, Malleable, Auto Specialties. And many many others that used to litter the landscape with their presence. They all went out of business and that killed BH completely. The downtown was in decline even before that, but that was just the nature of downtowns. Very few cities have maintained decently populated downtown areas so that really isn't a surprise. Whirlpool's taking jobs from the area was just a small fraction of the jobs lost.

They did stick around though, as much as they possibly could. Their headquarters is still here. They still pay their taxes. They still donate to the city. They still fund programs for those in the city who need them. They still TRY!!

All Banco does is whine that they aren't given enough. How about this... if you don't like Benton Harbor, CLEAN THE PLACE UP YOURSELF. Form citizen patrols, form cleanup crews, do any number of things that will help clean up the city and stop whining.

All Banco does is preach that their is no crime except the stuff the cops make up. Sheesh... and you call us ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you sound like your heart is weighing down in great heaviness. Such compassion and integrity you have. Please see 4/28 post.

Anonymous said...

My britney did not kill himself..... Point, blank, and period

Anonymous said...


Hanah Bazemore said...

4/19/2009 9:18 AM << Whoever posted this comment my name is you can email at and I will be glad to find you and stomp you smooth the fuck out. I am his younger sister we did not do anything because we were shocked and in dis-believe about the situation , his was in Michigan were in North Carolina (all of us wasn't born with a silver spoon, so we couldn't just afford a plane ticket) I know for a fact he didn't kill himself because a day or two before he promised that he would make it down there as soon as possible , I know the whole story and is evil ass father who's best friend is the SHERIFF who made the call to take him out ! You have me fucked up and I'm bringing back to case , put your name out there and you can personally see me !

teb4me said...

Justice for my big brother

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