Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is this possible in Berrien County, Michigan?

Thank You, Michael Phelps!
Ten Reasons to Get High About Pot in 2009

By Norm Kent, 2/6

Okay, it is only the first week of February and more people this year have already died from peanut butter than pot...Building jails and keeping people in prisons costs more money than communities can afford...The necessities of twenty first century law enforcement have reduced pot to secondary priorities. More and more cities are encouraging cops to treat simple pot possession as a civil traffic infraction and just write a ticket. As those progressive initiatives take hold, pot prosecutions will diminish and pot users will be treated more fairly.

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WilliamX said...

Berrien County got weedheads, maybe
a few undercover dopeheads, and Crackheads, Alcoholics, Thiefs. Lets not forget Law Enforcers,and
other City, County, and State people who are members of the Berrien Couty Klan group.

So this is my reply to this topic.

Berrien County is no different
then a Klan Town in the South,
but Berrien County do have its
Negros under control, and those are the ones who do the White man's dirt againist Rev Pinkney.

Every one of the race related
incidents that happens in Benton Harbor is swepted under the rug
in case State or Federal people
comes in to investigate.

Also Berrien City will make
sure that their blabbermouth Negros is quiet. That's how you people work H.C.

I really feel sorry for Chief
Mingo's Ex Sister in law (who
I know). Because he is a sell-
out, and still have his nose
up Jim Crow's butt.

So get real about the dirty and
racist crap that's taking place
in St Joseph/Berrien Couty.