Friday, February 20, 2009

Herald Palladium WATCH
One woman propaganda machine: Wendy-Dant Chesser, Herald Palladium board, Cornerstone Alliance President, Harbor Shores Trustee, Alliance for World-Class Communities officer. (H-P sold in 2000 to Paxton Media Group, Paducah, Ky. Whirlpool VP Jeff Noel from Ky.)

A Distinct Pattern Develops: Harbor Shores Wins, Benton Harbor Loses

City plans to begin work on 100-year-old system in April

by J.Swidwa H-P 2/18/09 (shortened article with commentary in CAPS)

BENTON HARBOR - The City Commission on Tuesday approved the final bid for Phase 1 of the city's sewer separation project, awarding the work to Southwest Transport Co. of Coloma for $185,085. (WHIRLPOOL & CORNERSTONE ALLIANCE ACTUALLY APPROVED THIS. THEY CONTROL THE BENTON HARBOR CITY COMMISSION DECISIONS.)

The loan would be paid back over 20 years through a combination of wastewater treatment savings resulting from the project and a sewer rate increase for users. AND AGAIN THE RESIDENTS OF BENTON HARBOR LOSE. THEY ARE NOW PAYING 15% HIGHER SEWER RATES (WATER RATES ALSO JUST INCREASED) SO THAT HARBOR SHORES, WHIRLPOOL, CORNERSTONE, AND THE WEALTHY OF ST. JOSEPH MAY BENEFIT.

The sewer repair plan is the result of a year-long study of the city's 100-year-old sewer system and will coincide, in part, with a Main Street reconstruction project planned earlier. THE SEWER REPAIR PROJECT IS BEING PLANNED TO BENEFIT HARBOR SHORES, NOT BH RESIDENTS.