Thursday, October 09, 2008

Irreplaceable Dunes for Unusable Wetlands

On Oct. 7 the Herald Palladium reported on the supposed "expansion" of Jean Klock Park, the comparison of the conversion of its 22 acres of contiguous dunes and other areas, and the mitigation (land swap) of 47 acres of designated wetlands which are not connected, but rather and obviously disconnected from Jean Klock Park.

The article features a post card photo layout of scenes of fisherman on the Paw Paw River (which by the way can be done without this development) next to, for the most part, unusable wetland areas that would be traded for the irreplaceable and non-renewable dune areas of Jean Klock Park.

Is it a fair trade? (PDF)


Anonymous said...

Another year-old copyrighted article from The Herald-Palladium posted by BANCO. A current yawn for based on old news. More swampland arguments as if we need the mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. By the way, sand will continue to blow from Lake Michigan. Dunes are in fact renewable. The shoreline of Lake Michigan is 1,640 miles. Let’s take away the ½ mile of Jean Klock Park. Well that leaves us another 1,639 ½ miles of Lake Michigan shoreline. What is the big impact in the big picture? Absolutely nothing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Banco, I hear the leaf colors are beautiful this time of year in the U.P.; I'm sure the phoney "Reverend" is loving his view from the yard. LOL!!!

Oh, in case you didn't notice -- bye bye lawsuits -- you lost. Game over Banco! LOL!!!

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