Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kalamazoo City Commissioner and Battle Creek Activist Convene Community Forum to Address Citizens’ Rights

Kalamazoo City Commissioner Stephanie Moore has collaborated with grassroots activist in Battle Creek to host a community forum, “Know Your Rights: Interacting with the Police.” The purpose of the forum is to educate the community regarding their rights when interacting with police when walking, while driving, at school, and in your home.

Monday, February 25, 2008, from 5:30-7:30 pm at Macedonia Baptist Church, 636 W. Van Buren, Battle Creek, Michigan. The Forum is free and open to the community.

Panelist include: The Honorable Deborah Thomas, Wayne County Circuit Judge; Mark Fancher, Attorney ACLU Michigan; Bill Knapp, Director of Tri-County Labor Agency; E. Dorphine Payne , Criminal Defense Attorney; Wilson P. Tanner PLC of Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Brian H. White, Chair Power in the Hood Campaign, Detroit Michigan.

“This forum is not intended to solve or address any one particular case. This forum is designed to offer general principles so citizens can better know their rights to encourage more positive interactions with law enforcement officers that may avoid confrontation, minimize problems and lessen the likelihood of arrest,” says Commissioner Stephanie Moore.

Moderated by Battle Creek native and community activist Ms. Dorothy Young ; the goal of the Forum is to ensure accountability and increase trust and understanding between police and the community. The panel of experts will assist in sharing with the community the dos and the don’ts when it comes to dealing with law enforcement.

“I’m aware that a lot of good people are doing a lot of great things to make our community a safe, prosperous and productive community. This forum is just one way of building stronger bridges between citizens and police,” says Ms. Dorothy Young .

The Forum is co-sponsored by Phenix Concepts, the Battle Creek A. Philip Randolph Institute, ACLU of Michigan, the Power in the Hood Campaign and Commissioner Stephanie Moore.

Contact: Commissioner Stephanie Moore, 269 998-0336 /
Ms. Dorothy Young, 269 274-6129 /

Stephanie Moore
"Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a mighty stream! Amos 5:24 niv


WilliamX said...

What is Black people doing in the
community that's so positive? All
along I-94 from the Detroit City limits to Chicago what are we doing?

Ann Arbor,Battle Creek,Kalamazoo,
Grand Rapids, Benton Harbor,Gary
Indiana,(I forgot Ypsilanti).There
is big problems with Housing, The Injustice system that's arresting our Black youth on simple charges.

Within the last month one of the
Mothers who has a disabled son in
jail passed away without being able
to attend her Son's trial. Yet you
are sitting on your butts talking about Everything is wonderful cause
we are working together....that's a bunch of bullcrap.

I asked a Brother in Kalamazoo have
he ever attended a Rev Pinkney's rally there in Kalamazoo? His answer was no, and yet everyone is fighting the struggle.

That Kalamazoo Commissioner is catching holy hell, and I wonder
was she involved before it was her time toask for help?

In closing, what good did the forum do? and why the Movement was not notified until after the fact?
You call this fighting the struggle together?

Stop posting last minute events.

Anonymous said...

First of all you should calm down and read! The forum does not take place until TOMORROW Monday Feb. 25th in Battle Creek.

Second, the mother your refer to in your comments IS my friend and I have been standing with her all along to get fair(er) and equal justice for her son. I was at her funeral service and I raised money for her son -- where were you? Talk about what you know and not what you heard!

Third I am a supporter of the great, wise and prolific Rev. pickney and wish and pray for real justice for him as well. I helped distribute flyers for his event here in Kalamazoo even though I knew I was not able to attend becuase I would be out of town.

LASTLY, I have been organzing and building coalitions for over 12 years advancing the movement of civil rights, vothing rights, equality and justice for ALL people as a profession as well as in my personal life. This is my calling, my passion and what I'm committed to. Please don't judge and critise me or anyone else when you SIMPLY DON"T KNOW!

To learn more about my visit the website

The forum is not just about what is happening to me but to educate others so they can protect themselves so this type of stuff won't ever happen again.

Commissioner Stephanie Moore

Anonymous said...

" great, wise and prolific Rev. pickney"



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