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Friday, June 30, 2006

Bush nominates racist judge Maloney

Judge Paul Maloney, Berrien County trial court chief judge, claims he is both honored and humbled by Bush`s decision to nominate him for one of the three vacant federal judgeships in the western district of Michigan. This is his reward for his work on George Bush Sr.'s campaign team.

Paul Maloney, a judge who has openly practiced racism, stated that he is deeply honored by the president for paying him back for working on his father's campaign.

Maloney promised that if he is confirmed by the senate he will apply the law fairly and impartially to all who appear in his courtroom, according to the rules of the law.

Mr. Maloney: you have failed the people of Berrien County, and used law enforcement bribery and coercion. False testimony is common in Berrien county under your leadership. Your insensitivity to the dignity of litigants who have appeared in your courtroom has brought the integrity of the legal system into question. Maloney, you have failed to apply the law fairly and impartially in the county of Berrien.

Mr. Maloney: We do not need a man like you as a district judge in the federal court. That is a tremendous opportunity. You are not qualified to receive such a job.

We must write letters to senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow.
Maloney's confirmation hearing is next Wed., July 5.


Anonymous said...

You are crazy! You have nothing legitimate or intelligent to say, which is why you stoop to such lows - nothing but vile false contempt for Judge Maloney and complete disregard of our legal system. He is but a judge - but I have also found him to be fair. I speak from experience - not your brand of experience either!

Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

I think you should put your own name on your shirt.

Anonymous said...

The New York University professorS were in Berrien County for four weeks doing a complete investigation of Berrien County justice system.you should read the 475 page report about Berrien Ccounty justice system corruption corruption.maloney,wiley,white,
renfro,fuller,sanford are all in violation of the rules of professional conduct.


Anonymous said...

maybe rev pinkney should put your name on his t-shirt.i hope you are not a alcoholic.

Anonymous said...

Having my letter answered filled with encouragement and having people praying for me mean more to me than a million bucks.thank you

Charles from Texas

jim crow said...

I would like to read the study done by the law professors from New York. What is the official title of this document? Is it available on the web? Is there a copy at one of our local libraries?

Anonymous said...

Produce this, so called document, done by NYU. Or at least gives us the name of the authors or professors. BANCO still doesn't understand it's not about just making claims, you actually have to back them up with real evidence. You have to cite your sources or else you have no credibility. I would gladly listen to any arguement that has is well thought out and properly deducted from complete examination of 'actual' evidence.

Anonymous said...

rev pinkney, i am still climbing the walls with excitement!thank you for exposing the corrupt system in berrien county.it takes a real man to fight corruption with all the resources they have.
keep fightning.


Anonymous said...

rule3.4 a lawyer shall not unlawfully
obstruct another party`s acess to evidence;unlawfully alter,destroy,or conceal document or other material having potential evidentiary value;or counselor assist another person to do any such act;falsify evidence,counsel or assist a witness to testify falsely or inducement to a witness
that is prohibited by law;
this is berrien county

Peter V.

Anonymous said...

Rev Pinkney; berrien county had a judge by the name of john fields who murdered a little baby
by driving over the baby when he was drunk.fields never went to jail.the old buddy buddy clud.i was living right down the street.
this was truly a sad situation.if he would have been a black man.he would have went to prison for many years.we are just a white family who are encouraged by you,we are not poor,nor are we rich.i want to thank you for standing up to the corruption in berrien county


Anonymous said...

Many wrongful convictions in berrien county.There is no accurate
figures on the number of wrongful convictions in berrien county.but one expert,who wrote his doctoral dissertation on the subject estimates that as many as two to three hundred innocent people per year are incarcerated in berrien county.I just want to thank you for what you do especially to help people like me see the real truth and to know that not everyone behind bars deserves to be there.I am just a little old white lady,who read that stupid herald palladium.Your name was mention in my church in st joseph we are behind and on your side.keep fightning


Anonymous said...

Sauk - where is that report? I want to see it.

Anonymous said...

rev pinkney i was convince by the herald palladium that you were guilty,i could only watch the prosecutor present there case the conflicting testimony from all the prosecutor witnesses it was almost impossible to figure why were they lying.this is a real nightmare.i am praying for you and your family.

Sally Morse Detroit

Anonymous said...

Rev Pinkney;You are the voice of the voiceless you have the courage to act instead of react.may GOD continue to bless you your efforts

Brother Jamal

Anonymous said...

I believe the berrien system is corrupt as well. . .
When people are charged with a crime such as assault, assault with intent, riot, domestic violence or a litany of other charges the Corrupt Prosecutor's Office often allows these people to plea guilty to disturbing the peace or attempted disturbing the peace.

If the system was just then all would have their day in court.

If ths system was just then a 5 year felony would mean 5 years in jail if convicted.

The reason that Benton Harbor is a hole is that no one has respect for them selves or the law. The reason that no one has respect for the law is that you can stab, shoot and loot but you will only get fines and costs.


Anonymous said...

SHOW US PROOF........ SHOW US PROOF..... Post something with the proof... All you do is preach that you know all this inside information but you can never back it up..... If you walk the walk then surly you can talk the talk..... The minute you start to prove things then people will believe you... But so far all you do is talk and make shit up that has no relative meaning or backing.... JUST PROOVE WHAT YOU SAY.....

Anonymous said...

So we`ve come to cash a check ,a
check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice.Berrien county justice system has written the people of berrien county a bad check,which came back marked insufficent EVIDENCE!

The Question said...

If he had proof he would be waving it around the courthouse every day. If he posted it on here it WOULD be picked up on the news wires. After all, assuming that HP is the one bastion of conservative values (HA!) then there is still CNN, MSNBC, NY Post, etc... if he had even 1/100th the information he claims then he would be in the news constantly because it would get ratings.

Anonymous said...

So, we've come to cash a check, a
check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice - whatever. You people have come to cash a check because you think your entitled - you write that check making allegations or fraud, or corruption, or whatever. But when you try and play that as a victim, which you all are not, that check bounces - it comes back INSUFFICIENT FUNDS. Too bad for all of you.

bert said...

dear anonymous where do you get that ( you people ) shit , seem to me you are the racist